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Speaking at an online event organised by the FSSAI to celebrate World Food Day, India’s Union Health Minister, Dr. Harshavardhan, declared that the Government intends to make India trans fat free by 2022. This is one year ahead the global target set by the World Health Organisation. 

However, at foodnetindia, we do not believe that the Government will even come close to meeting their target.

Unlike the developed West, the food industry in India is largely unorganised. This, coupled with the FSSAI’s severe lack of human and monetary resources, means that this unorganised portion of India’s food industry is also largely unregulated. Unfortunately, it is this unorganised, unregulated, portion of the industry that is the biggest source of trans fat in Indian diets. 

Unless the Government exponentially increases the funding for the FSSAI and other regulatory bodies, a ‘trans fat free’ India is a pipe dream.


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