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There is an article about several organisations that are opposing GMO crops, and urging the Government to stop the spread of illegal cultivation of Genetically Modified crops. Well, I have news for these “environmentalists” and “human health activists”. They will lose the battle and there is nothing much they can do to stop the widespread prevalence of genetically modified organisms in Indian agriculture.

The reason for this is simple. There will soon be an explosion of genetically modified crops from all kinds of sources. Even small garage labs today can easily create genetically engineered varieties of crops using technologies like CRISPR CAS9. Neither the Government, nor anyone else, has the ability to control and contain this incoming flood.

It does not matter whether the government makes it unlawful. It does not even matter whether a farmer wants it or not. The contamination of seeds and crops with hundreds of GE/GM varieties is inevitable over the next few years. Controlling the sources of these GE/GM varieties will be nearly impossible. We have not been able to do that with meth and heroin. What on earth makes us think we can do it with GE/GM seeds?

This does pose a huge problem for food supply chains. How do we ensure that we KNOW which are the GE/GM types in a food product sold to consumers? More importantly, how do we KNOW which ones are benign/harmless and which ones are toxic for humans?

There are some solutions I can think of. But will the Government wake up and start adopting such solutions before the crisis becomes very expensive to manage?

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