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Food security is not the real issue in India. Nutrition security is.

In terms of purchasing power, relative to average incomes, nutritious food in India is much more expensive than in rich economies like the USA or Europe.
Dairy, meat, vegetables, fruit, fish, fowl, eggs, pulses, beans, etc., are all much more expensive in India than in rich countries, and not easily affordable for the vast majority of Indians. Relative to per capita incomes, these foods are 5 to 15 times more expensive in India. That’s 400% to 1400%!

To make matters worse, just as is the case in the developed world, highly processed foods are becoming very very cheap, contributing to worsening nutrition security.

The poor health status of most of the people in India is directly linked to poor diets and nutrition which, in turn, is linked to the extraordinarily high cost of nutritious food.

Here is an article that talks about the price of healthy food in India –

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