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NDTV has published an unscientific article on “healthy” sugar substitutes. Excessive sugar consumption is causing a serious and growing health crisis, and is equally harmful whether from added refined sugar, or from natural sources.

Poorly researched and unscientific articles such as the one in NDTV are promoting dietary superstitions and contributing to the problem. Consumers read such articles and falsely believe that such “natural” sources of sugar are safe and actually tend to consume more sugar due to this belief.

Honey, maple syrup, palm sugar, jaggery, coconut sugar, date syrup, etc., are all just as problematic as sugar when used as a replacement. People are not helping their obesity, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver disease, etc., by consuming these products, neither are they reducing their increased risk of cancer from excessive sugar consumption.

Read the NTDV article here:

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