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India is a food surplus nation now. We produce much more food than what is needed to feed our population. India exports 40 billion dollars worth of agricultural produce every year.

Ensuring food security in India requires solving the distribution and affordability problems, as well as the nutritional adequacy (hidden hunger) problem. The food security problem in India is no longer the result of inadequate food production.

India has mountains of grain stored, and quite a bit of it rots away in poor quality storage facilities, both in the public and private sectors. Grain spoils and wastes in large and small godowns, and in retail mom and pop stores.

On the other hand, the vast majority of our farmers have small land holdings, and are suffering due to low incomes from growing low value products like food grain.

There is a pressing need to move our farmers to cultivating more lucrative cash crops, ensuring food storage and processing infrastructure, and efficiently integrating the small farm into the world food markets and food industry.

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