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Nutriquo Protein Pan’lette Mix Classic is made form a mixture of various flours, and is marketed as an alternative to chillas, dosas, omelettes, and pancakes.

The product contains a little more than 9 grams of protein per 40 gram serving, which is reasonably high. 

foodnetindia Rating:

foodnetindia Safety Rating: 7 (On a scale of 1 to 10 from very unsafe to very safe)

The product is a mix of lentil and cereal flours, with no added sugar.

However, we are forced to lower the rating as it does not specify the name of the ‘Natural Identical Flavour’ used.

foodnetindia Wholesomeness Rating: 7 (On a scale of 1 to 10 from very unbalanced nutrition profile to excellent nutrition profile)

The product has a reasonably high protein content and is not, unlike a dosa, mostly empty carbs. However we, like the brand, do recommend that it be consumed with a serving of vegetables.

Ingredients of Concern in Nutriquo Protein Pan’lette Mix Classic

Natural Identical Flavour:

This product does not specify the chemical name of the flavour, used and does not mention the quantity used either. While we understand that the legal labelling requirements allow this practice, we believe that responsible brands should self-disclose.  

Some people are allergic to some of these chemicals and others may want to avoid them. Consumers have a right to know and decide.

Ingredients In Nutriquo Protein Pan’lette Mix Classic That Are Not A Concern

  • Lentil and Cereal Flours: Gram Flour, Mung Dal, Refined Wheat Flour
  • Soya Protein Powder
  • Salt: Black Salt and Iodised Salt
  • Raising Agent: IN 500(ii) and IN 341(i)
  • Thickener: IN 407
  • Taste Enhancer: IN 631 and IN 627
  • Yeast Extract

Response from NutriQuo:

Thanks to FoodNetIndia for its efforts to enable safe healthy food for consumers. The flavor used in the product is Nature Identical Vanilla Flavoring Agent, which meets all food safety standards & regulations. Due to constraints on labeling design across SKUs and flavor variants, we use this simplified representation that is as per guidelines. We are committed to ensuring simple, safe and healthy foods for our consumers. We would also like to use this opportunity to highlight that our product delivers high protein, nearly a third of daily essential amino acid needs, with less fat and zero cholesterol – thru a completely plant based food, that is a great alternative to pancakes and omelets. The strong positive value of this for consumer health and safer, climate friendly nutrition is what we seek to bring with our products. We look forward to FoodNetIndia’s community trying our product and helping spread the usage and word about food that is safer for people and the planet, to a wider audience. Do visit to learn more.

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The ingredients list of the products may have changed since this page was published. Consumers are encouraged to read warnings, labels, ingredient lists, etc.

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