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foodnetindia helps the people of India to exercise their undeniable human right to safe, adequate, nutritious food, and their right to clean water and air. We do this by –

  1. Publishing original and impartial news (reviews of packaged food products)
  2. Writing original news/opinion pieces about events, trends and technologies that affect the safety or security of food, water and air.

Our editorial is not influenced by brands. Any advertorial content will be labelled so.
What you eat is regulated by laws which govern everything from the pesticides and fertilizers that are used, to the processes food undergoes before it reaches you.
foodnetindiaĀ also helps you to learn about-
– Safe alternatives to commonly used processed, packaged food
– Food safety & security laws in India and how they compare with laws in the developed world
– Major food safety concerns you should be worried about
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Meet the foodnetindia Team

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  1. Great initiative by the team of foodnetindia…Keep it up šŸ‘
    Would love if an app of the same is launched for easy access

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