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Nutritionists, health organizations, and health conscious people have, for decades, been using calories, fatty food, and nutrient proportions as being the deciding factors of a healthy diet. However, research has shown us that a healthy diet is actually defined by the daily intake of natural and added sugar.

All the gym buffs and health freaks might be really surprised to know that their favorite brands of energy bars and ‘healthy’ fruit yogurts contain insane amounts of sugar. It’s the same with bread, bread-spreads, cheese, and condiments.

People are realizing that sugar is actually a fat retaining, mood altering, tooth destroying, and secretively addicting poison which sneaks into our food without us noticing. For example, energy drinks popular among youngsters have been found to contain the highest amount of added sugar, and your innocent looking box of breakfast cereal also has frightening levels of added sugar.

The bottom line is that everyone should read between the lines when picking up groceries and READ the ingredient lists before buying anything.

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