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The Covid-19 crisis has, understandably, created a lot of panic among people. One of the primary concerns has been concerning food safety, specifically restaurant takeaways.

Many people are reluctant to order food from restaurants because they fear that they can get the disease through contact with the packaging, or even the food itself. However, like a recent article published by News 18 points out, ordering in is perfectly safe as long people take a few simple precautions.

Firstly, there is no evidence to indicate that the coronavirus can spread through food. Secondly, as mentioned in the News 18 article, it is good to take precautions like ordering from restaurants with excellent food safety practices and, as far as possible, opt for contactless delivery.

However, the News 18 article has not mentioned one vital precaution; disinfecting the containers before opening them. It is essential to sanitize a food delivery container before opening it.

The FSSAI has also released a list of food safety guidelines that people should follow during the COVID-19 crisis. These guidelines also mention that it is vital to disinfect the food containers before opening them.

At foodnetindia, we believe that people can safely order in provided they disinfect the food containers before opening them and wash their hands with soap before handling any food.

Read the New 18 article here:

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