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A wave of amazing technology innovations is coming soon to threaten industries that are dependent on agriculture. Weed killers and pesticides, for example.

The primary threat that these chemical companies faced so far was from the organic products industry. However, the natural products market is just a small niche, though influential and fast-growing. There was no real threat from this to the world of pesticides and weed killers. 

And why is organic food, not a threat? Because organic food production is inefficient and has low productivity. And that makes natural products much more expensive than products of industrial agriculture. For any product to become mainstream, it is not enough for it to be safer. It must be cheaper too.

Now, technology could make possible what aspirational consumer desires alone could not.

A whole range of big, medium and small robots are coming into the fields soon. They will work tirelessly and cheaply, day and night. They will zap every single weed and every single pest and send them away to Never Land.


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