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India has failed to establish the infrastructure required to ensure safe food and water for it’s people.

Our population is plagued by food and water borne illnesses, with millions being sickened every year, from lifestyle disease, infections from pathogens, cancer, and more.

The FSSAI and the Indian Government must request collaboration and assistance from leading food MNCs, and from the governments of advanced countries.

We need technology, systems, standards, processes, and more. We cannot bridge the gap by trying to do everything ourselves. We must take the help of these corporations and governments who have the technology and know how that we need.

For standards, whether it be labelling or allowed ingredients etc., why are we reinventing the wheel? Why can’t we simply adopt the European standards and change with them?

For technology, why can’t we collaborate with leading food and pharma MNCs to help our food companies and businesses enhance their technology and standards?

Why can’t FSSAI model it’s labs and its staffing (organisation) on the same lines as the US FDA?

Here’s an article that indicates that at least the government is no longer hesitant to share the stage with an MNC:

But symbolism is not enough. We must do more.

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