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Artificial colouring of vegetables happens all over India. The colors used are usually toxic to humans.

According to an article in the press, the FSSAI is conducting inspections on vegetables in Allahabad.  The problem is that the FSSAI simply does not have the staff or the extensive inspection capabilities needed to check the vast, unorganised vegetable retail market.

People must take care to buy vegetables that are not coloured. Soaking or washing vegetables with water is usually a good way to test whether or not the vegetables have been artificially coloured. But I am not sure if the water soaking test works for all the colored vegetables.

The FSSAI must put out an education advisory to the general public and ensure that it is publicised well, across various media platforms. The advisory must tell people about the safety precautions to take, and how to find out if they have purchased artificially colored vegetables.

Read the Article About The FSSAI Inspections Here:

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