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India will do well to start an intense campaign to plant coconut, moringa (drumstick), jackfruit and avocado trees across the country.  Except for coconut, these will go grow everywhere and go a long way in addressing our nutrition crisis. 

Three are native to India and the fourth is not but along with moringa and jackfruit, will grow well anywhere in India. Coconut will not grow everywhere in India though. They are all trees and do not need intensive care or water.

Extensive consumption of Moringa leaves will address micronutrient deficiencies and can be used just as palak, methi are used. Coconut and Avocado will deliver lipids. Jackfruit is energy rich too. And all these are micronutrient rich. Being trees, the mineral content is better than the vegetables grown on depleted top soils.

Avocado is a foreign taste for most  Indians. But just as we have assimilated foreign products like potatoes, tomatoes and chillies, we will figure this out too.

There is no good, inexpensive, and culturally acceptable solution yet to solve the problem of insufficient protein in the diets of most Indians.

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