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One on ten people in India will get cancer. This is an extremely worrying number.

Whoever you are, reading this article, please know that one or more of your loved ones from your family or your friends will get cancer. There is no point in staying in denial or avoiding this inevitable truth.

So why is a food safety website carrying this article? 

Because a considerable percentage of cancers are caused by your environment and lifestyle choices, and not by your genetics or bad luck.

You protect yourself by eating safe food without contaminants, or without all the pesticide and fungicide residue. You protect yourself by eating food that does not have a lot of artificial color and flavor additives.

By ensuring that you do not use vegetable oils for high heat cooking, you protect yourself from the cancer-causing dangers of oxidized PUFA.

By reducing simple starches and sugars in your food, you stay away from diabetes. That’s undoubtedly a way to reduce your chances of getting cancer.

By protecting yourself from polluted air, you reduce your chances of getting cancer.

Stay away from cancer by ensuring safe food and safe air and safe water.

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