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The organic food revolution is here to stay, simply because a section of consumers will have it no other way. As long as these consumers ensure a market, organic food will be available.

However, it is unlikely that the future of organic food will be small farmers. The future of organic food are large, controlled, factory farms owned by massive corporations, because only they will have the ability to bring economies of scale that can sustain safe food supply chains.

Food supply chains from small farmers will be threatened by the soon-to-arrive proliferation of bio engineered species from various sources. It will not be possible for small farmers to assure consumers of safe produce in such a scenario.

Engineered food species that we can trust will also continue to be the domain of large corporations like Monsanto, for the same reasons. Getting a new GM species to market is like getting a drug to market. While it is becoming very cheap and easy to engineer new species using technologies like CRISPR, the controlled testing of such species for safety is a very expensive exercise.

Are we entering a world where only the large corporations can be trusted with safe food, whether it be organic or GM?


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