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Fungi, specifically mycelium, are turning out to be a better protein source and meat substitute than pea and soy based products.

Mycelium is the mesh like network that grows under the ground and produces mushrooms.

They are highly productive as well. A chicken equivalent of mycelium with about the same amount of protein, would take one tenth the amount of time and resources to grow.

Protein from fungal sources is not new. Quorn is a type of protein from fungus that has been commercially available for several years.

Vegetarian meat substitutes have been facing a lot of heat lately, from being called super processed foods, to accusations of  being poor in nutrition. 

Other vegetarian protein sources have also not been able to find mass acceptance as an alternative to protein from meat.

Fungi based protein sources may turn out to be better at bridging the taste, texture, nutrition and consumer acceptability gap.

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