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Plastic wrappers out and paper wrappers in for chocolates, and more.

It’s not really possible to talk about food safety and security in a holistic manner without also talking about environmental issues that affect human health.

Plastic packaging is coming back to bite us in many ways. By polluting our food supply, our seas and our soil.

There was no commercially viable replacement so far.

In this context, the news about Nestle’s breakthrough in packaging is exciting indeed. Read more about it at this link –

Now, with paper/biodegradable packaging that can be used for high speed mass manufacturing, while still retaining the long shelf life of the packaged product, Nestle is bringing us the next packaging revolution.

I hope that the food industry adopts this rapidly all over the world. There is no reason why India should not take the lead here and make this kind of packaging mandatory, or subsidised with tax breaks?

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