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What’s common between Gros Michel and Cavendish? And how does it affect you?

Both are varieties of banana.

The Gros Michel was the banana variety that was grown by large plantations worldwide to ship and sell in markets everywhere. And then, the Gros Michel died. 

A fungal infection swept through the world and killed off all the Gros Michel. The Gros Michel was tastier and sweeter than the variety sold worldwide today, the Cavendish.

Now the Cavendish faces the same fate. Fungal infection is spreading, and it’s unlikely that the Cavendish will be around for much longer.

There seems to be no other banana variety that has the same advantages as the Cavendish for large scale cultivation and the global supply chain.

The industry is racing to create genetically modified versions that fit the bill. Expect some to arrive soon in the neighborhood market!

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