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I believe that the future of protein from meat, fowl, and fish, is definitely not vegetarian protein.

It is true that with meat, we have the animal cruelty problem, the factory-farmed animals problem, and the environmental damage problem. In India, we have the faith problem, from all those who oppose meat-eating for religious and faith reasons.

Meat also faces kosher or halal restrictions amongst almost 2 billion people.

However, the numbers are simple and tell us that pushing vegetarianism is not a solution. The vast majority of people worldwide eat meat. Even in India, over 70 percent of the population eats meat.

Anyone who expects these people to voluntarily give up eating meat is living in a make-believe world. 

People will not give up eating meat. On the contrary, the world’s consumption of meat will increase by 100 percent or more in the next 2 decades. This is because a large portion of the population of Africa and Asia will become more prosperous, and will be able to afford more meat.

It is not possible to meet the needs of this meat-eating population with the current methods of meat production. The way meat is produced today is not environmentally or otherwise sustainable.

The solution is lab-grown meat, which will soon become commercially feasible.

One problem with lab-grown meat is the lack of form. The current approaches deliver taste, flavor, nutrition, and texture. But they do not offer form.

In this context, the new approach to growing meat in the lab, talked about at link, is promising-

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