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The FSSAI collaborating with technology leaders like Thermo Fisher, is good news.

The FDA and FSSAI need modern technology and labs to do their job better.

India’s FSSAI and FDA, and other government food and medicine safety regulators and organisations, are desperately understaffed, and suffer because of poor investment in technology and outdated labs.

The recent news items on issues found by our regulators with Maggi Noodles and Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo are a case in point. Both Nestle and J&J possibly have the most modern and most stringent safety protocols, processes, standards, and technology.

The FSSAI and FDA would do well to partner with MNC food and medicine giants to take their help and learn from them to upgrade their own skills, infrastructure and capabilities, instead of allowing low level officials to falsely victimise them.

The Indian authorities must stop showing false pride in third world capabilities, technology and infrastructure. Just as the Indian Government works with leading companies to get modern technology in defence, science and technology, manufacturing and other areas, the FSSAI and FDA must partner with global food and drug industry leaders to learn from them to upgrade the standards of Indian regulators and therefore Indian food industry as well.

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