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The world can easily feed 10 billion people using much less land than what’s used for agriculture today.

My view is that the fears expressed by many sections of society are overblown.

Thanks to rapid changes in technology, nutritional and calorific yield per acre of land are set to jump by several thousand percent. The enormous increase will be for all types of produce. It will be valid for herbs, vegetables, protein from vegetarian sources, and fish/fowl/red-meat.

Even the problems brought about by climate change will not dent our ability to feed the world’s rapidly growing. Despite the soon to come severe water problems, the denuded topsoils, or the rising sea levels, we will not face a shortage of food and nutrition supplies.

The technology onslaught on food and nutrition production is getting started now, and by 2030, it will be fully underway.

Vertical farms are one such solution which work for herbs and vegetables quite well. For some types of herbs, a vertical farm can deliver up to 62 crops per year compared to only 3 in open land. Also, as the plants are grown on multiple levels, on the same land area, production can be as much as 300 times the yield of conventional agriculture!

Here is an interesting article on underground vertical farms –

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