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Climate change threatens food and water security in India more than most countries. The water crisis, especially, will be much worse in India than in other countries. 

The current solution approaches are inadequate. We must act immediately on a national scale to avert catastrophe.

India could have dealt with the crisis better. Faulty government policies and government inaction are the cause of many of the problems. 

This article in the New York Times talks about the water crisis in India –

Government intervention in areas of water shortage is not enough to solve the problem for even 5% of the regions.

I had written earlier about a large scale, distributed financing solution. The solution will create massive employment and also replenish underground aquifers –

We must act and act fast. Within 6 to 10 years, the crisis will become unmanageable and hit more than 400 million of our people, causing mass migrations, or worse.

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