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Here is what undercooked meat can do to you –

In India, people usually do not buy frozen meat. They buy meat and fish from the neighbourhood butcher and fish monger.

Most of these fish mongers and butchers do not refrigerate. People buy fish and meat that has been exposed to air and dust, at room temperature or higher.

Freezing of fish and meat is essential within minutes of slaughter. If you intend to eat the meat within 10-16 hours, then refrigeration is necessary immediately after slaughter. In either case, exposure to dust must not happen.  

Unrefrigerated meat must be frozen within an hour of slaughter in tropical countries like India.

The conditions at the neighborhood fish or meat seller in India lead to a disgusting conclusion. Indians are buying, cooking, and eating meat that is already starting to rot. The meat sold this way is almost always contaminated with pathogens, due to dust exposure. The pathogens in dust in India are usually of fecal origin and include bacteria as well as, you guessed it – tapeworms.

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