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Our children are being subjected to more of a “sugar attack” than ever before.

An increasing number of children in India now suffer from adult lifestyle diseases. Obesity is merely one of them. What’s more, thanks to their sugar laden diet as children, children are now far more susceptible to lifestyle diseases when they grow up.

Children eat more chocolates, dessert and biscuits than they should. Liberal amounts of sugar is added to their milk. There is a lot of sugar in almost all the infant food brands. All the so called ‘health drinks’ they are given like Horlicks, Boost, Complan, Pediasure are sugar bombs.

They drink soft drinks that are as good as liquid candy. Check this out –

And to add insult to injury, one of the worst offenders is fruit juice. Whether sweetened or unsweetened, sugar from fruit juices is causing harm.

Pediatricians and parents in countries like the USA have already started avoiding fruit juices for children, as a part of the overall effort to reduce sugar from their diets. Here is an article on this from the Wall Street Journal –

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