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I was reading this very interesting perspective from a food entrepreneur.

I hear this kind of stuff a lot. That people are turning away from unhealthy processed food to real foods. That junk food sales at the big food companies is cratering. That there is an organic farming and real food revolution round the corner and it’s going to be a world full of farmers and small businesses which make and sell real food to consumers.

I buy the first part of this argument that talks of the return of real food and the coming demise of junk foods.

But I think the second part is flawed. I do not agree that big food companies are going to roll over and die. I do not believe that they will get out of the food business.

On the contrary, I believe that they will turn their attention to the foods that consumers have started to prefer. They will spend a lot of money to gobble up interesting technologies, companies, brands and more, to gradually transform into real food giants.

From farming to logistics to processing to retailing to delivery, large corporations will be the leading real food companies of the world. These may be the current crop of leading companies or there may be a lot of mergers and acquisition activity and these could be a new set. However, they will be large corporations controlling much of this and not small neighbourhood or niche brands.

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