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We are at a time when GM brinjal (eggplant), and possibly other GM plants, have spread to various parts of India and demonstrated the failure of government regulation. In addition, we are on the verge of an explosion of GM plants from many new unregulated sources due to the impact of CRISPR.

It is at a time such as this, that our state governments and central government are debating whether to “allow” the use of GM crops in “restricted spaces”.

I have a simple colloquialism to summarise my thoughts on this – “What are they smoking?”

The fact is that it is practically impossible to maintain the sanctity of “restricted spaces” in India. It is also not possible with current government budgets, infrastructure, and technology, to control the influx and spread of new engineered species.

What our governments should be doing is debating how they are going to protect the population from the food safety issues that will arise from this coming invasion. Stopping it is not in their power, though they may like to think so.

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