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The processed food industry, combined with flawed dietary guidelines since the 1960s, have contributed to an obesity epidemic in the developed world. The same thing is happening in India for the last 30 years, because of the processed food industry, cheap sugar, subsidised grain production, and dietary superstition.

One of the biggest food superstitions around has been promoted by the food processing industry, which is that “excess calories make you obese, and that the solution is to cut calories and increase exercise”. Here is an article that debunks it –

From the above article – “This notion of ‘A calorie is a calorie’ is mostly pushed by processed food companies trying to convince you that it is fine to swap 100 calories of avocado for Coke in terms of weight gain. You’d have to be pretty dense to believe it. For food companies, the calories model is like Santa Claus. As long as they keep people believing, its a gift that keeps on giving. They can sell sugary beverages and tell people with a straight face that 100 calories of sugar is as fattening as 100 calories of kale.”

We need a national, aggressive, education campaign to ask people to eat less sugar, processed foods, grain, and potatoes. Excess of these foods is unsafe, and is at the root of the diabetes epidemic.

People must get better nutrition, and that means more vegetables, healthy fats, pulses, beans and dairy products, for vegetarians. The recommendation is the same for non-vegetarians, but also includes generous helpings of meat, fish and eggs.

Unless the amount of simple carbohydrates, sugars, starchy processed foods, and HFSS foods in diets are brought down, the diabetes epidemic will not slow down.

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