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We are rapidly moving towards a world where antibiotics won’t work anymore.

Why only speak about diseases like drug resistant tuberculosis? Even a respiratory tract or urinary tract infection that you now treat and cure quickly with antibiotics will kill you once antibiotics no longer work.

Here is an article in the Ken about this, though there is a fundamental error in this article because it’s the pathogens that become resistant to antibiotics and not the people.

Another emerging threat is the rise of drug resistant fungal infections. Just as the use of antibiotics in the poultry and meat industries is contributing to the rise of antibiotic resistance, the use of fungicides in agriculture is contributing to the rise of fungicide resistance.

Here is an interesting article outlining the problem –

The use of antibiotics and fungicides in agriculture and animal rearing must be replaced by better alternatives. While these antibiotic laced foods are themselves not toxic or unsafe for humans, they must be classified as unsafe foods because they give rise to drug resistance. It is just a matter of a few years before drug resistance becomes directly responsible for millions of deaths every year.

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