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I would have expected better from The Ken. They should stay with business and startups. Consumer surveys and understanding the food habits of “ordinary” Indians is clearly not their strong point.

On the one hand they confirm that less than 30 percent of Indian households have refrigerators and on the other, they say that people are eating less processed food and more “natural” foods. Some words from the article – Quinoa, Black rice, Natures Basket.

What are they smoking?

I would really hope that the writers spend some time in a mainstream (down market?) store like Dmart or Food Bazaar, and look at what foods people are filling their shopping carts with!

I would also encourage them to look at the annual sales growth numbers of the last 5 years for biscuits, namkeens, cakes, icecreams, instant noodles, breads and more.

The packaged food industry is doing very well thank you. And growing very rapidly indeed.

There is a serious problem out there with people eating more junk.

Quite the opposite of what this ridiculously elitist article would have us believe.

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