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Sugary foods and drinks will go the way of tobacco and liquor. They are threats to the health of people.

Sugar is destroying the lives of millions of adults and children all over the world. The biggest culprits are packaged food and drinks. As opposed to people consuming a maximum recommended amount of 25 grams a day, children in our cities could get more than that from breakfast cereals like Kellogg’s Chocos alone.

The companies are still trying to push the bogie of “calorific excess” as the problem. Well, it is NOT. The problem is excessive sugar and excessive simple carbohydrates from refined grain flours and potatoes.

These sugary drinks and foods are contributing to obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, fatty liver disease and much more.

Please read the labels of every packaged food you buy. If it has sugar in the ingredients list, do not buy it as a part of any meal or as a snack! Desserts are occasional indulgences for your children and do not belong in every meal and especially not in this insidious hidden fashion.

Treat such foods like you would treat buying alcohol or tobacco for your child. Don’t feed your child sugary packaged foods as a part of any meal or as a snack. An occasional once in 2-3 day dessert treat is fine but your child does not need the poison called sugar in every meal or snack.

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