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This report in The Ken is troubling.

It is a bad idea to adopt lower thresholds for statins. It is a bad idea to use statins as a first line of defence against heart disease.

What we need is a war on sugar and simple carbohydrates. We need a war against HSSF foods (High Sugar Salt Fat foods).

We need to educate the population on the DANGERS of a high sugar and high simple carbohydrate diet.

We need to educate the population on attaining micronutrient sufficiency through diet. People must eat more of the least expensive vegetable everyday (leafy greens) and spend more time in the sun.

We need healthier and equally tasty snacking options and healthier packaged foods. And maybe heavily tax HSSF foods so that the healthier (more expensive) foods could be subsidised.

Say NO to statins. They are NOT the easy way out. There are enough studies, and there is a lot of evidence that statins may lead to many short and long term side effects you don’t need.

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