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According to a shocking piece of news, it appears that 80 percent of Indian eateries do not have the safety license, which they require in order to operate.

Now the Government, the FSSAI, and the Food and Drug Administrations are scrambling to grant licenses.

But will that help?

How will a Food and Drug Administration, that is unable to even issue licenses, be able to conduct periodic checks and enforce food safety standards.

Also, is it not the responsibility of our government to at least focus on, and eliminate, the single biggest food safety issue across all the eateries, which is the contaminated water used to cook and wash?

They must first and foremost ensure that every eatery has a water purification system installed not only for drinking water, but also all the taps that go into the eatery. All water used in an eatery must be free of pathogens, whether the water is used to wash utensils, vegetables, and raw food, or to wash hands, or for cooking.

There are many other food safety and hygiene issues in our eateries. However, solving the water issue is not only the lowest hanging fruit, but will also eliminate 80 percent of the diseases caused by contaminated food.

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