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In the latest phase of the nationwide lockdown, since June 8, the Central Government has allowed hotels and restaurants all over the country, except in containment zones, to reopen, subject to permission from State Governments. While some states, like Maharashtra, have not allowed restaurants to open up, restaurants in other states, like Kerala are resuming operations.

However, just allowing restaurants to reopen is not enough. People need to be convinced that eating out is safe. This is where, once again, Kerala appears to have taken the lead.

Kerala’s Food Safety Department has decided to conduct a state-wide campaign to alleviate people’s fears about eating out, and to ensure that eateries follow the required safety precautions, so that they don’t become sources for the infection to spread.

foodnetindia believes that this is a great initiative by the Kerala Government, and other states should also conduct similar campaigns. Hotel and Restaurant Associations across the country should also conduct similar campaigns. The importance given to food safety and hygiene by people across the country has skyrocketed because of the fear caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Going forward, people are going to be much more careful about the places they choose to eat out at, or order in from. And this change is going to be permanent.

We hope that the Kerala Government allocates sufficient funds to the Food Safety Department, not just for this campaign, but also to ensure that they have the resources needed to to make sure that hotels and restaurants adhere to the required food safety and hygiene standards.


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