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The FSSAI, acting on a report by the Centre For Science and Environment that several large brands are selling adulterated honey, has launched a drive to collect and test thousands of samples of honey from across the country. 

According to an article in The Print, the FSSAI plans to use the Pune-based Central Bee Research and Training Institute (CBRTI) to test the samples, and has also asked brands to submit their own test results. The article also says that the FSSAI has directed it’s state food safety commissioners to enhance surveillance, testing and enforcement. 

While this is an admirable initiative, we at foodnetindia have apprehensions about how exactly the FSSAI, which is severely understaffed and underfunded, will effectively execute the drive. Unless the FSSAI’s funding and manpower is, at the very least, doubled or tripled, initiatives like the pan India honey testing drive will not be successful. 

Right now the FSSAI does not have the resources to even effectively perform the bare minimum inspection and testing activities required to ensure food safety in India. 

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