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India has over 30 million cases of food borne illness every year. If we add water borne diseases to it, the number is much higher.

Not only does this cause a huge number of lost work days and low economic productivity, but it also leads to well over hundred thousand deaths annually.

Cleaning up it’s food, water and air are fundamental development issues for India.

Why is it not an overriding priority for the Government of India to keep its people safe from totally avoidable disease and death?

The apathy of the Government of India through the years is clearly demonstrated by the severe shortage of funding to the FSSAI, and by an emphasis on vanity infrastructure projects instead of the most basic infrastructure – clean drinking water. It is also evident by the the low level of spending and lack of urgency in tackling the crop burning issue.

This Government is focused on development. Let’s be clear that the basic characteristic of a developed country is not bridges and roads, or skyscrapers and bullet trains.

A developed country is defined by potable drinking water in every tap, clean breathable air, and hygienic food at every food outlet.

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