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Chewing supari is a culturally ingrained thing in India, and you can see many people chewing on it everywhere you go. Unfortunately, many people are completely unaware about how dangerous it is for their health.

Areca nut or supari is the dried seed of the palm tree, Areca catechu, and has it distinction of being the fourth most commonly used psychoactive substance in the world after caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.

It is said that 600 million people chew it in South Asia, especially in India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It is commercially produced in huge quantities, and is used as a key ingredient in several kinds of smokeless tobacco (SLT) preparations.

Chewing it gives one a sense of alertness and heightened pleasure, but habitual use can lead you to having impaired blood sugar levels, blood pressure problems, and it stains the mucosa, gums, and teeth.

Research shows that it may cause anti-ovulatory and abortion-causing effects, and it also affects newborn babies by causing a lower birth weight and reduced birth length. Evidence also points to areca nut being the cause of oral submucous fibrosis, a potentially cancerous condition in humans.

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