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Protein powders and protein shakes are being used and promoted in India by star athletes and celebs to teens who want to grow fast, and to others. With promotional ads for protein powders almost everywhere and yummy looking protein shake recipes on many health blogs, people don’t hesitate to try out these protein supplements to boost their health.

What is the downside of having protein powders?

Protein powders come with a warning on their food label that they are “Intended for Healthy Adults over the Age of 18.” But are people aware of it?

A 2013 consumer report found that half of all recent drug-related recalls were related to dietary supplements. The main reason for these recalls being contamination with dangerous chemicals, and they contained chemicals that act as hormones. These synthetic hormones play havoc in the bodies of those consuming them. Side effects include causing facial hair in women and breast growth in men. There have also been cases of protein supplements containing illegal steroids and heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury.

Some other cons of having these protein powders are that they lack nutritional balance and according to Rebecca Mohning, a dietitian in the Washington area, it is better to get complete nutrition from whole foods as it they have fiber which is needed for a healthy digestive system, and vitamins and minerals as well, while protein powders are hyper focused on just protein.

Too much protein is bad for your kidneys!

Protein shakes are liquid and may not give you a feeling of fullness even after consuming a large quantity, which could end up in your consuming too much protein. Consuming too much protein can harm the kidneys as kidneys process protein in the body.

The recent death of bodybuilder Meegan Hefford from Australia has thrown light on the dangers of consuming too much of protein. According to Perth Now, she increased her protein content from foods rich in protein and also from supplements causing a urea cycle disorder, which prevented her from metabolizing protein. Her death certificate mentioned the cause of death as being from an “intake of bodybuilding supplements.” Her mother also revealed that she found many containers of protein supplements in her kitchen,

Studies reveal that excess protein consumption could lead to kidney disease, including kidney stones, dry mouth, constipation, and hair loss.

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