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McDonald’s has benefitted tremendously from self-ordering kiosks and is increasing investments there, and now it is investing in AI and Robotics companies too. McDonald’s stores in India maintain hygiene and water safety standards that most fast food stores in India lack.

The company is now snapping up Artificial Intelligence and Robotics companies. The idea is to automate more of what they do. This will increase efficiency and reduce costs even further at one of the most efficient companies on Earth.

This year McDonald’s worldwide revenues were at their highest in 7 years.

So when are we going to see robots at the counters in McDonald’s? We will likely see robots flipping burgers and frying potato fries first.

Why do you see this article in a food safety news website? Because in India, McDonald’s outlets are places where you get reasonably priced food that is not contaminated. The food in a McDonald‘s is free from contamination caused by unhygienic handling, unfiltered tap water, poor storage, or inadequate supply chain. Street food and small fast food eating outlets in India are notorious for poor hygiene and food contamination. 

What do you do when you are stuck somewhere in town and want a quick and affordable meal without being afraid that you will fall sick? When that happens to me, I sometimes walk into a McDonald’s and make sure not to order any fries or sodas (Coke). Options like their “Paneer Wrap” or “Scrambled eggs” are safe and healthy and surely not “junk food” by any standard. And drink black coffee with the meal – no Coke or any sodas. Water is the best options. All McDonalds stores give you clean, safe, drinking water in fresh, new, disposable cups, and they do so free of cost. 

And BTW, we do not get paid by McDonald’s, and we do not accept advertisements from brands. So no conflict of interest in this article.

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