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With the onset of the summer months most of us like to dig into a lot more fruits and vegetables than usual. After all who wouldn’t like an iced carrot juice or a fruit platter at this time of the year!

Unfortunately, the issue is that fruits and vegetables can be expensive and get spoiled quickly. So, in order to save money and time, people tend to store the veggies and fruits in plastic bags and put most of it in the refrigerator. That what needs to stop!

No form of plastic is good to store your food, both inside or outside the fridge. It’s no secret that plastic packets take decades to decompose, but plastic can affect your health as well.

Plastic bags are bad for our endocrine system

It is a known fact that most plastics contain BPA and DEHA. These two chemicals are capable of causing serious health hazards in humans. When fruits and vegetables are kept in plastic bags or zip lock bags, these chemicals leach into them and make them unfit for consumption. If you consume food kept in these plastic bags they can wreak havoc on your health, even leading to hormonal changes.

Plastic bags do not let the products breathe freely, causing it to get bad quickly

So then you may ask if not plastic then how to store the fruits and veggies in a safe manner?

Fruits like Apples can be kept in a cardboard box in a shelf for upto 2 weeks. Keep them on a cool counter or shelf for a long time. Strawberries need to be kept away from moisture as much as possible. Keep them in paper bags in the fridge, and they will last for a week.

Vegetables like tomatoes need not be refrigerated as they can stay good for up to two weeks stored on a counter. Garlic, potatoes and onions can be kept in a cool, dark and dry place in a box.


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