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There is no doubt at all in my mind that long term exposure to man made molecules is causing many poorly understood biological responses in humans.

Let me rephrase that,”Long term exposure to several man made molecules is causing many biological responses. It is not well understood that the causes of those biological responses is chronic, long term, low grade exposure to these man made molecules. It is also not understood which of those responses is being caused by which molecule.”

Let’s say someone in your family got cancer in their 60s and eventually died of it. Would you ever link it to a molecule in the air freshener he used at home everyday for 20 years?

How would you know if your low immunity and repeated viral infections, followed by secondary bacterial infections, several times a year was because of the molecules in the deodorant you’ve used every day for years?

What about the TBHQ you consume several times every day in all the oils and fats you buy? What will that lead to?

And are you sure that that uncle of yours who had kidney failure was not a victim of the daily dose of the pesticide residue he got from the green chillies and peppers that he loved so much?

What about the autistic child whose condition can not be traced back to the cocktail of air pollutants her mother was exposed to?

We agonize so much about the effect of things like glyphosate residue which has been studied extensively, but we do not care even a fraction of that for the thousands of other molecules we ingest every day, but have not been studied as much.

Here is an interesting article with a new theory and name for such things –

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