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Millions of people use artificial sweeteners to cut out the sugar and the calories to get healthy and lose weight.

However, recent research seems to indicate that diets with artificial sweeteners may not be as healthy as they seem.

Studies linking artificial sweeteners to your health

Recently, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a study where 37 subjects consumed artificial sweeteners to help them with their weight loss. The results showed that those drinking artificially sweetened beverages every day were at more risk for weight gain and heart disease.

Latest research from the George Washington University also showed that sweeteners increase a person’s risk of becoming obese. It suggests that these artificial sweeteners increase the fat accumulation in our bodies. The higher the quantity of artificial sweeteners you consume, the more fat content is created in your body.

A new study, whose results were submitted at the 100th annual meeting of Endocrine Society (ENDO) in Chicago in 2018, studied the role of artificial sweeteners on the fat cells in our bodies. The researchers found sweeteners in diet foods/drinks, made the GLUT4 levels higher in these cells and increased fat accumulation which resulted in the increased risk of obesity.


With studies suggesting that artificial sweeteners adversely impacting your health, it is  better to have natural sugar in less quantity if you must, or skip it completely.

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