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Fire Paan is a 2017 innovation. It is not clear where it originated, but most likely it was in New Delhi. Now several paan shops sell them in various cities.

The way it works is that some flammable material is added to the paan, and it is set on fire. The paan is then tactfully put into customers’ mouths by the paanwala, so that they don’t get burnt and the flames are extinguished as they close their mouths.

Now here is the BIG problem; The paanwalas in Connaught Place use poisonous camphor as the flammable ingredient, and it’s happening right under the FSSAI’s nose, in Connaught Place, at the very centre of Delhi.

Camphor is a poison and just 4 grams will kill an adult human. In smaller doses, it is highly toxic and can damage your kidneys.

I calculate that with each Fire Paan, a person ends up ingesting one half to one gram of residual camphor. This amount could cause permanent kidney damage in some people.

There must be a warning put out on Fire Paan immediately, and it’s sale must be banned. Only a duly approved inflammable agent must be allowed. Camphor is a no-no.

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