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It is unfortunate when food groups that have been eaten for centuries suddenly become our enemies and become major contributors to poor health and disease.

Are these foods poisons? Certainly not. Not when eaten responsibly, in moderate quantities and as a part of an otherwise healthy and nutritious meal/diet.

However, for millions of people in India these four have turned into poisons. They are contributing to greatly increased rates of metabolic disease, obesity, visceral fat deposits, poor musculature, hypertension, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, high blood triglycerides, heart disease, stroke, cancer and more.

Turning the clock back must start with what our children learn to recognise as food and the eating habits they form.

Mother’s must know that these four must more or less disappear from their kitchens and their children must eat healthier alternatives.

Here are some simple solutions –

Switch your choice of grain. There are great Indian kitchen friendly alternatives to rice and wheat – Amaranth, Pearl millet (bajra), Funger Millet (ragi), Sorghum (Jowar), Buck Wheat (Kuttu)

Start making more dishes that have a base of pulses or beans and not grain.

Use a lot of different non starchy vegetables. Banish potatoes from your kitchen.

Don’t use sugar or jaggery in any meal. Don’t buy any sauces, drinks, fruit juices or syrups that contain added or natural sugars. If your child has something with sugar, let it be a small dessert treat not more than 3 times a week.

There is lots more you can do. The above would be a good beginning.

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