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Get a dog for your child.

For reasons that include not only excessive cleanliness but also the use of antibiotics, our children are exposed to much less germs, dust, dirt and grime than they used to be.

Even our soils may not have the microbial diversity and microbial load that existed when we were kids. My common sense tells me that all those pesticides and other chemicals in soil must be causing a reduction or changes in microbial composition.

This microbial “sanitisation” is thought to be leading to a strong increase in the numbers of children with allergies to various foods or other items of daily use.

The situation in India is not as bad yet as it is in the developed world, where now one in 13 children have serious food allergies.

One piece of advice I will give to all you parents out there is to get a pet for your child. The pet will ensure that things are not as clean as you may want them to be. The pet will keep your children exposed to a lot of germs, allergens and other stuff which won’t make your children ill but may protect them from allergies and more,

And encourage your children to play in the outdoors in the fields and let them get muddy and dirty.

A pet will also benefit your children in many other ways. They can be very therapeutic and will help your child to be more empathetic, confident and responsible.

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