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A recent report alleges that people living in 8 of every 10 Indian cities breathe toxic dust particles, at levels over and above the national safety limits.

The report, aptly titled Airpocalypse by Greenpeace India, said that Delhi has the worst air in the country. These revelations are crucial at a time when India is already failing to meet its renewable energy targets. The budget for 2018 overall allocations to the ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) was also reduced by 3.26 billion, or 6%, from last year’s Rs 54.73 billion.

Out of the 280 cities/towns in India where air quality is monitored, none were within the World Health Organization’s (WHO) safe levels of PM 10–20 μg/m³–. The Indian safe level is three times more lenient at 60 μg/m³.

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