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Polluting the Ganga is not a small matter!

Pollution of the Ganga (and our other major rivers) is possibly one of the most important human health and environmental issues that concerns our country. Despite that, the NGT only fined states 25 lakhs for not curbing pollution of the Ganga.

Is this some kind of a joke?

25 lakhs is what you would fine one small polluting factory, and here we are talking about states with massive resources and budgets.

Surely the NGT has more teeth and can think of punitive action that will actually work!

What about fining each responsible official, and elected local government representative, in the cities and towns that are causing the pollution several lakhs of rupees? Will that not be more effective?

What about filing cases of criminal negligence against those same officials and representatives if they continue to underperform? After all, their inaction is leading to death and disease?

Read about the NGT order here –

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