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The pollution in most cities of North India is an emergency-level public health crisis. It kills hundreds of thousands every year, and makes millions more extremely sick.
The average Indian suffers from terrible ignorance about the severe problems that make them sick. Even worse, those who are aware, suffer from apathy and do not take the precautions they know they should, or make the effort to raise awareness amongst their family and friends.
A few years ago, when the plague kicked a few people in Surat, there was a huge scare. Everybody spoke about it, it was all the media could talk about, which resulted in a city-wide cleanup that rapidly destroyed the plague and its sources.
The pollution problem is far worse than the plague ever was. Even in North Indian cities that have only one tenth of Surat’s population, many more people die of pollution every year than the plague could have ever killed in Surat.
What will it take for people to understand what pollution is doing to them, and to demand change from their government? What will it take for people to get as alarmed about this as they were in Surat about the plague?
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