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As I had suspected earlier, widespread contamination of the brinjal (eggplant) crop has occurred already.

As an article in today’s Hindustan Times shows, the Government clearly does not have the ability to control the contamination of crops with GMO seeds, or to reverse the damage.

India can not adopt GMO by trying to emulate/behave like the USA.

In a developed economy like the USA, there are extensive systemic capabilities for controlled testing, and to manage the supply chain. They can rapidly identify, isolate and destroy threats to humans from toxic species.

In India we simply do not have that level of capability and for this reason alone, GMO foodcrop testing or growth must not be allowed.

I am not saying that GMO is bad or toxic. However, so long as it is possible to engineer a toxic plant, testing is required before releasing it for human consumption. And this testing cannot, and must not be done in India. We simply do not have the capability to conduct controlled tests, and will risk contaminating the food supply.

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