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I saw this Zomato food hygiene rating at a restaurant today. I found it thrilling and exciting. I encourage people to look for this sign in restaurants, and actively boycott restaurants that do not have it.
It’s a pity that we require consumer action with the support of the industry to enforce the rights that the state must give to us.
The FSSAI and government food inspectors have failed to clean up our food, and our eating out places. Our food retail outlets, from street food vendors to restaurants, have become the sources of water/food borne illness for millions of people everyday.
The certifications given to food outlets by the state are not at all trusted by the people. And why should they? The certification authorities have neither the resources, nor the technology, to ensure proper and frequent inspections.
It’s wonderful to see companies like Zomato entering to fill the certification gap created by the state. More power to them!

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