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A new reason to cook your meat to “well done”!

Cook your food well or you may fall sick. For salads it’s wash well with potable water. For meat and fowl, it’s not only wash well and keep refrigerated, but also cook really well.

For people in India who love chicken, this warning just changed.

Now, it’s cook your chicken really well or you may die!

Antibiotic resistant bacteria has been found in chicken sold in India. This means that if not cooked well, and all the bacteria totally destroyed, you may fall sick and there will be no cure.

Either none of the antibiotics will work, or only the last resort antibiotics will work.

The indiscriminate use of antibiotics in chicken “factory farms” is the reason for this sorry state of affairs.

Now it is a food safety issue in India that people must be made acutely aware of.

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